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September 1, 2023
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In Switzerland, the national parties fund themselves without direct state assistance – except for group contributions to fund the group secretariats. Since 23 October 2022, the funding of politicians at federal level has been subject to transparency rules. The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) is the body responsible for compiling, auditing and publishing disclosures. The transparency rules cover, firstly, campaigns exceeding CHF 50,000 for federal elections and votes and, secondly, all political parties represented in Parliament and members of parliament who are not affiliated to any party. In the case of donations (known as benefits) above CHF 15,000, the name of the donor (benefactor) is published. For campaigns (elections and votes) exceeding CHF 50,000, budgeted receipts, and granted or promised benefits exceeding CHF 15,000 must be disclosed 45 days before the election (applies only for National Council elections and votes, not for Council of States elections). 60 days after the elections, the final statement of receipts as well as all benefits exceeding CHF 15,000 (monetary and non-monetary) must be disclosed.


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