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This map shows the altitudinal vegetation belts of forest vegetation in Switzerland for the period 2070-2099 assuming a less dry future climate. The following altitudinal vegetation belts only occur in the southern valleys: "hyperinsubric", "colline with beech", and "lower/upper montane". The map "Modelled altitudinal vegetation belts for 1995" serves as a basis for the shift of the altitudinal vegetation belts into the future. The RegCM3 is a "less dry" model (ECHAM/RegCM3 model, ICTP) based on the emission scenario A1B (IPCC). The model calculates an average warming of 2.9 °C (northern Switzerland) and 3.2 °C (southern Switzerland), an increase in precipitation of 4.6% (northern Switzerland) and a decrease in precipitation of 8.0% (southern Switzerland) (Remund et al. 2016; available online at The upper forest line was not modelled. As upper limit for the model the 11 °C limit of the average maximum temperature in July (1981-2010) was used. --- Source: Gubelmann et al. (2018), available from


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