Impedance matrices of the National Passenger Transport Model 2017 for car, public transport (PT) and bicycle, in binary format (VISUM format). Matrices for car: time in the non-congested road network (TT0), time in the congested road network (TTC), distance (DIS), kilometre costs (KOS) and crow-fly distance (DID). Matrices for public transport (PT): Total travel time (JRTA), access time to the stop (ACT), egress time from the stop (EGT), transfer waiting time (TWT), number of transfers (NTR), service frequency (EJT), train occupancy rate (DISC), in-vehicle travel time (RITA), total travel distance (JRD), in-vehicle travel distance (RID) and kilometre costs (FAR). Matrices for the bicycle: Bicycle travel time, incl. slope (TT0), distance (DIS) and bicycle impedance (generalised travel time) as an adaptation of TT0 due to route type and car traffic load on the road (UDS).


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May 25, 2020
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Verkehrsmodellierung im UVEK (VM-UVEK) / Modélisation des transports au DETEC / Modellizzazione del traffico in seno al DATEC
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Geschäftsstelle der Verkehrsmodellierung im UVEK / Secrétariat à la modélisation des transports au DETEC / Segretariato (Andreas Justen & Antonin Danalet)
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Zur Verwendung im Nachfragemodell, siehe FORSbase / Pour l’utilisation dans le modèle de la demande, voir FORSbase
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January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
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