Travel matrices for passenger traffic (public transport, personal transport, biking and walking) and for freight traffic (road only) 2017 for the average traffic on week days (Monday to Friday) as text files (O-format) and binary files. The origins and destinations correspond to the traffic zones of the Swiss national transport model 2017.

The matrices for the morning and evening peak hours and for the average traffic between Monday and Sunday are available on request.

Abreviations: LI = vans ("Lieferwagen" in German), LW = trucks ("Lastwagen" in German), LZ = articulated lorries ("Last- und Sattelzügen" in German). For cars and public transport, three matrices are in the zip files: matrices of flows inside Switzerland (files with "_CH" at the end), matrices of flows related to airports (files with "_FH" at the end) and matrices providing origin, destination and transit traffic through Switzerland (international traffic, files with "_QZD" at the end).


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December 19, 2019
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Verkehrsmodellierung im UVEK (VM-UVEK) / Modélisation des transports au DETEC / Modellizzazione del traffico in seno al DATEC
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Geschäftsstelle der Verkehrsmodellierung im UVEK / Secrétariat à la modélisation des transports au DETEC / Segretariato (Andreas Justen & Antonin Danalet)
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January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
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