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22 Juillet 2016
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This collection contains the data of the most commonly used reference work on latin abbreviations, Cappelli’s Lexicon Abbreviaturarum (Cappelli, Adriano: Lexicon Abbreviaturarum. Leipzig 2 1928). It's the data behind a reference tool to decipher latin abbreviations accessible via the Adfontes project of the University of Zurich. The data is offered as a ZIP-archive containing one Excel-file with the textual information as well as a directory of images containing depictions of the abbreviations. The ID of the record is used as file name for the corresponding image. The data in this collection has been compiled using crowdsourcing. Quality control measures applied to the collection included a one-pass verification by the crowd and some factual checking by experts.



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22 Juillet 2016
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Ad fontes — ein Lernangebot der Universität Zürich
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Ad fontes — ein Lernangebot der Universität Zürich
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