The 60 photographs contained in the lavishly designed album „A tire d’aile par le saint Gothard“ takes viewers leafing through it on a picturesque journey from the heart of Switzerland way down south. It combines views of the Gotthard railway line, in continuous operation since 1882, with its historic and scenic landmarks and villages along the way. Departing in Lucerne near the administrative building of the Gotthard railway company the viewer passes landmark buildings like the Tellskapelle and the Teufelsbrücke leading up to the mountainous section with its many bridges and tunnels continuing into Ticino and finally into the port of Genoa. The album was probably published (its pages are inscribed "A. Spiess. Basel – Luzern"), it entered the archive holdings of SBB Historic as part of the former Gotthardbahn Lucerne archive collection. The photos were taken in a period roughly between 1882 and 1892.


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29 Juin 2016
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1 Janvier 1882 - 31 Décembre 1892
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