The Federal Military Library founded in 1848 became the Library Am Guisanplatz (BiG) on 27 October 2007. It is an institution of the Swiss Confederation under public law. Since 1 January 2009, the library has been coordinating and managing the libraries of the Federal Administration, ensures close cooperation in the fields of IT and documentation, leads the Federal Documentation Committee and is responsible for the Alexandria library network.

The BiG is open to the public. In a rapidly changing environment it ensures the provision of international technical literature in several fields such as history, politics, armed forces, civil protection, traffic, energy, migration, architecture, environment, agriculture, finances and economics. Such specialised documentation can be found in the catalog of the Alexandria library network.

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  • Bibliographic Records from the Alexandria Library Network

    Education and science

    Currently, the Alexandria library network comprises 16 libraries and documentation agencies within and outside the Confederation. The library catalog of this network contains more...

  • eBooks on demand (EOD)

    Education and science

    eBooks on Demand is a document delivery service at a charge, enabling the order of complete electronic copies of copyright-free books published between 17th century and 1914.