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January 1, 1870
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The Topographische Atlas der Schweiz was published over the period from 1870 to 1926, initially under the leadership of Colonel Hermann Siegfried. This was the first complete detailed map series for the whole of Switzerland. It was published at 1:25 000 scale for the lowland areas of the Mittelland, the Jura and south Ticino, and at 1:50 000 scale for alpine regions. With periodic campaigns of revision up to 1949, in all over 4000 revised sheets were published. Two techniques were used for the initial production: copper plate engraving for the 462 sheets at 1:25 000 scale, while the 142 sheets at 1:50 000 were lithographic printed. Every edition has now been scanned and is available in digital form for research into the development of the Swiss landscape and a host of other applications.


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January 1, 1870
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Bundesamt für Landestopografie
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