Heat and cooling sources are local, renewable and CO2-free energy sources which may be of interest for heat production in thermal networks. Nowadays, only renewable or CO2-free energy sources are considered for heat generation in thermal networks, though peak demand may still be met by fossil fuels. Such sources include waste heat, ambient heat and biomass. While biomass (e.g. woodchips) can be transported almost without restriction, waste heat and groundwater are restricted to a particular location. In areas with high heat demand, such geographically restricted heat sources can be considered for use if the local conditions are suitable. The map shows locations of municipal incinerators, waste water treatment plants, waste heat from tunnels and special incinerators. The heat potential given is purely indicative. Waste heat from tunnels and special incinerators provide no heat potential. It was not possible to include an indication of heat already in use. The data are drawn from different sources and time periods. The information on waste water treatment plants is from the 2017 ‘Adressliste der Schweizer Kläranlagen mit Angaben zur Ausbaugrösse' (‘List of addresses of Swiss wastewater treatment plants with indications of capacity'; not in English) issued by the Federal Office of the Environment. The information on tunnel heat is from the 2004 report ‘Wärmenutzung Tunnelwasser' (‘Tunnel water heat usage'; not in English). The information on special incinerators and municipal waste incinerators is provided by the Verband der Betreiber Schweizerischer Abfallverwertungsanlagen (Swiss Association of Waste Treatment Plant Operators) and dates from 2004. The information is provided for the general public and is not official or legally binding.


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