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February 15, 2024
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The 2024 edition of the publication «Medical quality indicators» in the area of nursing homes is the second edition of this publication. It refers to the data from 2021, which was provided by the nursing homes to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) via the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). It includes 1302 nursing homes. The publication based on article 59a of the Health Insurance Act (RS 832.10). Based on this article, care providers must provide the competent federal authorities with the data required to monitor the application of the provisions of the Health Insurance Act concerning the economic nature and quality of care services. Nursing homes in Switzerland are thus obliged to provide the data required to calculate medical quality indicators (Art. 59a, para. 1, letter f Health Insurance Act). In application of Art. 59a of the Health Insurance Act, suitable quality indicators were developed, evaluated and six were selected in 2009 - 2018 as part of a pilot project led by the federation ARTISET (formerly CURAVIVA Switzerland) with the FOPH, the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Health Directors (GDK) and the FSO in the project committee. The publication shows the values of these six indicators for each of the nursing homes included. The quality of the 2021 data provided for the 2024 edition was high enough to enable the calculation of risk-adjusted indicators at nursing home level. In this respect, the selected medical quality indicators reflect the quality of the care services based on the Health Insurance Act provided by the nursing well and are comparable from home to home. However, these indicators cannot fully capture the quality of the home, so they cannot be limited to this. They do not reflect the overall structural or process quality or other quality aspects such as patient satisfaction or quality of life in the homes. For this reason, the selected medical quality indicators can be used as instruments for comparing the quality of the care services based on the Health Insurance Act provided by the nursing in the areas measured, but can in no way be used to draw up a ranking list or a scale of the overall quality of nursing homes (ranking). They should also make it possible to examine any quality gaps in the homes in order to identify and exploit the potential for improvement in the respective institution. In this sense, this publication should also be seen as an aid and basis for discussion for interested parties.