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The thickness model of unconsolidated deposits is a digital data set that describes the thickness of the unconsolidated deposits. This product is derived from the bedrock elevation model. The subtraction of the bedrock surface from the terrain surface (digital height model, DHM25) gives the thickness of unconsolidated deposits. The «Bedrock elevation model» and the «Thickness model of unconsolidated deposits» are simplifications of the real geological settings. A model is based on interpretations of different kinds of data (seismics, boreholes, cross sections, maps, etc.), of varying vintages, quality, details and acquisition purposes. Additionally, type and vintage of input data also reflect different interpretations and geological knowledge and reflect uncertainties related to exact spatial location of these data sets. Furthermore, the final models as presented here are based on many different data sets, which initially were not coordinated and therefore required a further simplification. Additionally, the geological knowledge and background of different modelers influenced the model development. Finally, the quality of observations and interpretations are subject to change as new data are acquired and interpretation methods as well as modeling software are improved. The Terms & Conditions of the Swiss Federal Authorities apply. The user acknowledges that the authors have taken every reasonable effort to ensure that information contained in the «Bedrock elevation model» and the «Thickness model of unconsolidated deposits» is as accurate as possible. There is no guarantee that the given data related to a definite point in the subsurface is accurate. Under no circumstances will the publisher be liable for any loss or damage of a material or immaterial nature arising from access to, use or non-use of published information, or from misuse or technical breakdown.


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