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Net import is the daily difference between the total gas flows into Switzerland and the gas flows from Switzerland to neighbouring countries.

Gas is imported into Switzerland via twelve entry points from the surrounding countries of Germany, France, Italy and Austria, but it is also exported. The most important entry point in recent years has been Wallbach on the transit gas pipeline, which handles around 80% of natural gas imports.

Net imports are an indicator of consumption in Switzerland, as Switzerland has no significant storage facilities of its own. However, a distinction must be made between net imports, national consumption and final consumption. Net import includes national consumption minus biogas injection into the natural gas grid (Swiss production). Final consumption results from national consumption minus gas input for the production of electricity and district heating (conversion) and the gas sector's own consumption as well as transport and network losses. In contrast to the final consumption of gas, transport losses, own consumption of the gas sector or biogas feed-ins are included in net imports. For these items, no data are currently available on a monthly/daily basis, which is why final consumption cannot be estimated.

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Data are obtained from different sources. Daily updated data are available from EU public sources. They are shown with a delay of 3 days, as they are then complete. However, these sources have certain quality problems for Switzerland in that sometimes physical flows are available, sometimes only commercial flows. Obviously of varying significance, they can be used transitionally for an approximation of net imports. This does not change much in the rough trends of net imports. Reliable daily data on net imports, national consumption and final consumption are currently not available. The FONES is working on solutions with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and the Swiss Association of Energy Producers (VSG). The data on monthly net imports come from the Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG).

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