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The digital height model DHM25 / 200 is a data set representing the three-dimensional form of the earth's surface. It is a height matrix with a 200-m grid. It has been resampled from the DHM25 matrix model, which has a 25-m grid. he DHM25 represents the topography of the earth's surface without vegetation or built up areas. Lakes are represented by their surface. DHM25 / 200 can be freely downloaded.



  • MeteoStats


    EIne Visualisierung des Schweizer Klimas sowie der Klimaveränderung in den letzten 150 Jahren mittels einer interaktiven Webseite. Grundlage für die Anwendung sind langjährige...
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  • Minecraft4Switzerland


    The map of Switzerland is replicated in the videogame Minecraft using the Opendata maps. Additionally a webpage allows the composition of programs to run inside Minecraft for...
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