The term cleantech is applied to technology, products, processes and services which are energy efficient and conserve resources. They therefore help reduce pollution of the environment and mitigate the effects of scarcity of resources. The aim of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy's (SFOE) pilot, demonstration and flagships programme is to promote the market-related development of innovative clean technologies and solutions. It supports projects that promote the economical and efficient use of energy and/or the use of renewable energy. Pilot and demonstration projects are used for testing and demonstrating new technologies and solutions at a scale that enables conclusions to be drawn regarding their technical feasibility, applicability and economic viability. They therefore establish an essential link between research and the market. SFOE flagship projects are exemplary demonstration projects with a high degree of visibility and appeal. They illustrate Switzerland's energy future, as outlined in the federal government's Energy Strategy 2050, in a tangible manner for experts as well as the general public. They also accelerate the implementation and dissemination on the market of developed technologies and solutions. This dataset contains selected energy-related pilot, demonstration and flagship projects that are supported by the SFOE.


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May 20, 2015
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January 26, 2017
Bundesamt für Energie
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