The data set comprises five directories of correctional and detention facilities and institutions in operation in Switzerland. The directories are dated to 1933, the 1940s, 1954, 1965, and 1980, respectively. Based on those five directories, a sixth document was prepared: a complete index of all the facilities mentioned in the five primary sources. The data collected was used to create interactive data visualisations and a glossary, which provide graphic representation of the diverse – temporal, regional, social, gender-specific, and religious – dimensions of the institutional landscape in Switzerland (see Landing Page).


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March 6, 2018
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April 26, 2018
Unabhängige Expertenkommission (UEK) Administrative Versorgungen; durch die wiss. Mitarbeit von Dr. Ernst Guggisberg und Marco Dal Molin
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January 1, 1933 - December 31, 1980
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