Bern is the federal city and the capital of Switzerland. Located by a loop of the river Aare, the city is the country’s political centre and the heart of the Bern-Mittelland economic region, as well as a popular national and international tourist destination. On, the City of Bern publishes various types of open data that meet the principle of Open Government Data. The City plans to publish additional OGD data routinely from 2017 onwards. Further information concerning the open government data of the City of Bern is available on

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  • Administrative Einteilung Stadt Bern

    Geography, Territory and environment

    Stadteinteilung: Die Stadt Bern ist in 6 Stadtteile aufgeteilt (1 Innere Stadt, 2 Länggasse-Felsenau, 3 Mattenhof-Weissenbühl, 4 Kichenfeld-Schosshalde, 5 Breitenrain-Lorraine,...

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  • Velo-Themen

    Geography, Mobility and Transport

    Velo-Themen: Standorte von Schlauchautomaten, Velofachgeschaeften, Veloverleih, Velopumpen sowie Velostrassen in der Stadt Bern.

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  • Standorte Stadtverwaltung Bern

    Construction and housing, Geography

    Standorte der Stadtverwaltung Bern

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  • [DE: Statistische Daten zur Stadt Bern]

    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Statistical basis, Trade, Construction and housing, Crime, criminal justice, Culture, media, information society, sport, National economy, Education and science, Energy, Finances, Geography, Industry and services, Legislation, Mobility and Transport, Public order and security, Politics, Population, Prices, Social security, Health, Territory and environment, Tourism, Work and income

    [DE: Daten gegliedert nach den Kategorien der öffentlichen Statistik der Schweiz]

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