The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is part of the Federal Department of Home Affairs. Along with the cantons it is responsible for public health in Switzerland and for developing national health policy. As the national health authority, the FOPH also represents Switzerland's interests in the field of health in international organisations and with respect to other countries.

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  • COVID-19 Switzerland

    Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
    Health, Transport

    Key figures on laboratory-confirmed cases, hospitalisations, deaths, tests, vaccinations, relevant virus variants, Re values, contact tracing (isolation and quarantine), hospital...

    Last updated: December 6, 2023

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    • reproductive-number
    • foph
    • epidemiological-course
    • tests
    • intensive-care-units
    • international-situation
    • hospital-capacity
    • covid-19
    • quarantine
    • laboratory-confirmed-cases
    • contact-tracing
    • relevant-virus-variants
    • coronavirus
    • laboratory-confirmed-hospitalisations
    • laboratory-confirmed-deaths
    • vaccinations