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    Administration, Statistical basis, Education and science

    The ARAMIS information system has been in operation since 1997 and systematically records research, innovation and evaluation projects funded or conducted by the Confederation. It...

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  • Statistiken Dienst Überwachung Post- und Fernmeldeverkehr ÜPF

    Administration, Crime, criminal justice, Social security

    Die Schweizer Strafverfolgungsbehörden können zur Aufklärung von schweren Straftaten gestützt auf die Strafprozessordnung Massnahmen zur Überwachung des Post- und Fernmeldeverkehrs...

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  • Kennzahlen der Schweizer Pflegeheime

    Administration, Statistical basis, Health

    Das Bundesamt für Gesundheit ist beauftragt, Betriebskennzahlen der Schweizer Pflegeheime zu veröffentlichen. Sie basieren auf den Daten der Statistik der sozialmedizinischen...

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  • Webservices : http://ws-old.parlament.ch

    Administration, Politics

    The most important data on parliamentary activities can be accessed via an open, machine-readable interface : Affairs, Affairs summaries, Commitees, Councillors, Councils,...

  • Solar energy potential of Swiss municipalities

    Administration, Statistical basis, Construction and housing, Culture, media, information society, sport, National economy, Energy, Geography, Politics

    Die interaktive Anwendung www.sonnendach.ch informiert über die Eignung von Hausdächern für die Solarenergienutzung. Auf einfache Weise wird vermittelt, wieviel Solarstrom oder...

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  • Fonds overview: Federal State since 1848


    The fonds overview of the Swiss Federal Archives’ database guides users within the holdings of the Federal State since 1848 (main department E). It offers an easy starting point...

  • Archive database of the Swiss Federal Archives


    Metadata of the fonds in the Swiss Federal Archives. Currently the metadata of 3.84 million files and 257'000 documents are available online (august 2020). Including over 25’000...

  • Institutional Topography of Administrative Detention in Switzerland, 1933-1980

    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Crime, criminal justice, Culture, media, information society, sport, Education and science, Legislation, Public order and security, Social security, Work and income

    The data set comprises five directories of correctional and detention facilities and institutions in operation in Switzerland. The directories are dated to 1933, the 1940s, 1954,...

  • Data inventory of the Federal Administration Data

    Administration, Statistical basis, Legislation, Politics

    The Federal Council’s Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland 2014–2018 aims to facilitate access to official data. One of the measures in the strategy is the creation of an...

  • Stand der Energiepolitik in den Kantonen

    Administration, Energy

    Der Bericht enthält Informationen zur aktuellen Energiepolitik in den Kantonen sowie über deren Aktivitäten in den Bereichen Strategie, Gesetzgebung, indirekte und freiwillige...

  • Results of the opendata.admin.ch survey


    Between 22 February and 17 March 2014, users were asked for their views on the opendata.admin.ch pilot portal. The results are now available to download. The file “Resultate...

  • State financial statements / federal budget: receipts and expenditure of the Confederation for the previous and following year (1848–2014)

    Administration, Statistical basis, Finances

    In the state financial statements, the Federal Council details the receipts of the federal administration for the previous year and accounts for its expenditure. The Federal...