Open, freely accessible data (Open Government Data, OGD) from the Swiss authorities can be found on The portal is being operated and further developed as part of the Strategy for open administrative data in Switzerland, 2019-2023.

The Confederation, cantons, communes and other organisations with a state mandate (e.g. SBB) release their publishable data on Various data collections such as health insurance premiums, population statistics or current weather data can be obtained from this website and reused. All data are available subject to the standard terms of use.


The participating organisations developed the portal under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Archive until 2018. In 2019 the Federal Statistical Office took over responsibility for to implement the new “Strategy for open administrative data in Switzerland, 2019-2023”. This is being further developed on an ongoing basis in tandem with stakeholders.

Get involved

All open administrative data from the Confederation, cantons and communes in Switzerland are referenced on Third parties – such as state-related enterprises, persons who perform tasks for the Confederation, cantons or communes – are also invited to publish where there is a public interest in this, even if these data are already referenced on other websites.
We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to disclose data from your organisation on You will already find some initial information on the publication of open government data at

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Involved organisations

The following organisations have been involved in the development of You will find a list of organisations that publish data here.