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  • Fotografie su Thomas Mann

    Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport

    The Thomas Mann Archives have released around 2,000 images. The main subjects include portraits of Thomas Mann and members of the Mann-Pringsheim family, family scenes and holid...

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  • Corrispondenza C. G. Jung

    Formazione e scienza

    The academic correspondence of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) is part of the C. G. Jung Papers Collection held at the ETH Zurich University Archives....

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  • Fotografie di Max Frisch

    Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport

    The image database for the Max Frisch Archive comprises roughly 4,000 images that document the life of Max Frisch in photographic form and give a comprehensive insight into the ...

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  • Fotografie del fotografo, pilota e pioniere dell'aviazione Walter Mittelholze...

    Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport, Mobilità e trasporti

    Photos - many of them aerial images - Walter Mittelholzer took both in Switzerland and during his adventurous flights to places like Spitzbergen (1923), Persia (1924/25), across...

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  • Immagini e materiale audiovisivo della Biblioteca dell'ETH su Wikimedia Commons

    Agricoltura, selvicoltura, Costruzione e abitazione, Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport, Formazione e scienza, Geografia

    ETH-Bibliothek's photographic and audio-visual documents are curated by the Image Archive. Its collection of more than 3 million visual sources include ETH Zurich's Portrait and...

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