The portal is managed and was developed as part of the “Open government data strategy in Switzerland for the period 2019 to 2023”, approved on 30 November 2018 by the Federal Council. The implementation of this strategy is coordinated by the Open Government Data office at the Federal Statistical Office in close collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs (FDHA).

The publication of open government data reinforces transparency, participation and innovation in all sectors of society. The federal services are gradually disseminating their data openly on to apply this principle in a sustainable and consolidated manner. These data are made available free of charge and in a computer-readable format. Other existing data will also be gradually made available to the public (e.g.: data from the cantons, communes, cities or parastate enterprises). It should be noted that this principle does not apply if there exists a legitimate, important opposing interest such as data protection reasons.

Organisation of Open Government Data activities according to the 2019–2023 strategy

Organisation chart

In its capacity as data competence centre, the OGD office coordinates the portal, supports the publication of data and advises both data providers and users on issues relating to open access to government data.

The interdepartmental open government data committee on which the Confederation’s data owners serve assists the implementation of the strategy in its capacity as steering body. As this is binding at federal level, it ensures that the “open by default” guideline will be gradually implemented from 2020 onwards. In particular, it guarantees strategic responsibility by approving, prioritising and evaluating the implementation of a plan of measures and the respective annual activities/milestones. Furthermore, the interdepartmental open government data working committee ensures that the OGD strategy is implemented in a way that is coordinated with and makes use of the synergies from the Confederation’s other projects.

The Swiss eGovernment and Open Government Data forum supports the implementation of concrete activities pursuant to a plan of measures and formulates recommendations to develop OGD in particular based on input from the round table and the working groups. An important task of the Swiss eGovernment and Open Government Data forum is also the acquisition of further federal levels for the application and dissemination of the new OGD strategy. For this reason, institutions from all state authorities, all federal levels and state-related enterprises are invited as representatives.

The open government data round table brings together representatives from data providers and data users to target the coordinated publication of data in a demand-oriented way.

Operative working groups are also appointed by the OGD unit to develop particular thematic deliverables as part of the plan of measures.