ETH Library is the largest public library for science and technology in Switzerland. Besides providing information for members of ETH Zurich, it also offers resources to the interested public and to companies in research and development. One of ETH Library’s key focuses is the development of its digital information services. ETH Library’s Collections and Archives also constantly expand their online platforms to make their valuable holdings accessible to the public.

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  • Prints and drawings in the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich

    Culture, media, information society, sport

    The Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich is one of the largest collection of prints and drawings in Switzerland. It contains some 160,000 high-quality artworks on paper from the 15th ...

  • Collection of Astronomical Instruments, ETH Zürich

    Culture, media, information society, sport, Education and science

    The Collection of Astronomical Instruments contains about 300 scientific instruments that belonged to the former Eidgenössische Sternwarte in Zurich and ETH Zurich’s Institute f...

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  • Photos by the Swiss photographer, pilot and aviation pioneer Walter Mittelhol...

    Culture, media, information society, sport, Mobility and Transport

    Photos - many of them aerial images - Walter Mittelholzer took both in Switzerland and during his adventurous flights to places like Spitzbergen (1923), Persia (1924/25), across...

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  • C. G. Jung Correspondence

    Education and science

    The academic correspondence of the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) is part of the C. G. Jung Papers Collection held at the ETH Zurich University Archives....

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