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  • [DE: Statistische Daten zur Stadt Bern]

    Statistik Stadt Bern
    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Statistical basis, Trade, Construction and housing, Crime, criminal justice, Culture, media, information society, sport, National economy, Education and science, Energy, Finances, Geography, Industry and services, Legislation, Mobility and Transport, Public order and security, Politics, Population, Prices, Social security, Health, Territory and environment, Tourism, Work and income

    [DE: Daten gegliedert nach den Kategorien der öffentlichen Statistik der Schweiz]

    Last updated: September 3, 2020

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  • Institutional Topography of Administrative Detention in Switzerland, 1933-1980

    Independent expert commission (IEC) administrative detention
    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Crime, criminal justice, Culture, media, information society, sport, Education and science, Legislation, Public order and security, Social security, Work and income

    The data set comprises five directories of correctional and detention facilities and institutions in operation in Switzerland. The directories are dated to 1933, the 1940s, 1954,...

    Last updated: April 26, 2018

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