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  • Historicized Municipality Register

    Geography, Politics, Population, Territory and environment

    The Historicized Municipality Index is currently the largest available dataset listing all Swiss municipalities and their development over time. Now also available as Linked Dat...

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  • [DE: Wichtigkeit und Zufriedenheit mit Lebensbedingungen und Einrichtungen 20...

    Administration, Population

    [DE: Wirtschaftliche und soziale Situation der Bevölkerung - Bevölkerungsbefragung der Stadt Bern zur Wichtigkeit und Zufriedenheit mit Lebensbedingungen und Einrichtungen 2011 ...

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  • The Stapfer-Enquête: schooling in Switzerland 1799

    Education and science, Population

    Database containing the results of the Stapfer-Enquête: The Stapfer-Enquête is a unique survey of the school situation in the Helvetic Republic dating from 1799. It was initiate...

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  • VSJF-Refugees Migration

    Crime, criminal justice, Education and science, Geography, Mobility and Transport, Public order and security, Population, Social security, Territory and environment

    The VSJF-Refugees Migration data are an excerpt of the VSJF-database hosted at the Archives of Contemporary History, ETH Zurich. The database contains data sets of refugees whic...

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