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  • Briefmarken der Post

    Administration, Culture, media, information society, sport

    Datensatz zu den Briefmarken der Post ab der Ausgabe vom November 2016, inklusive Angaben der technischen Merkmale und das jeweilige Markenbild.

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  • Bild-Datenbank Kanton Basel-Stadt: Foto-Sammlung mit über 8000 JPEG-Bildern

    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Trade, Construction and housing, Culture, media, information society, sport, Education and science, Energy, Finances, Geography, Industry and services, Mobility and Transport, Politics, Population, Health, Territory and environment, Tourism, Work and income

    Sammlung von über 8000 Fotos im JPEG Format, Kanton Basel-Stadt

  • Polis API

    Administration, Politics

    Polis is the Political Information System by SRG SSR. This API provides results for votations and elections in Switzerland and other countries back to 1900. If you wish to use...