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  • Stand der Energiepolitik in den Kantonen

    Administration, Energy

    Der Bericht enthält Informationen zur aktuellen Energiepolitik in den Kantonen sowie über deren Aktivitäten in den Bereichen Strategie, Gesetzgebung, indirekte und freiwillige M...

  • Polis API

    Administration, Politics

    Polis is the Political Information System by SRG SSR. This API provides results for votations and elections in Switzerland and other countries back to 1900. If you wish to use...

  • Fonds overview: Federal State since 1848


    The fonds overview of the Swiss Federal Archives’ database guides users within the holdings of the Federal State since 1848 (main department E). It offers an easy starting point...

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  • Results of the opendata.admin.ch survey


    Between 22 February and 17 March 2014, users were asked for their views on the opendata.admin.ch pilot portal. The results are now available to download. The file “Resultate...

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  • State financial statements / federal budget: receipts and expenditure of the ...

    Administration, Statistical basis, Finances

    In the state financial statements, the Federal Council details the receipts of the federal administration for the previous year and accounts for its expenditure. The Federal...

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  • Webservices : http://ws-old.parlament.ch

    Administration, Politics

    The most important data on parliamentary activities can be accessed via an open, machine-readable interface : Affairs, Affairs summaries, Commitees, Councillors, Councils, Depa...