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  • Geotopes in Switzerland

    Geography, Territory and environment

    Geotopes are geoscientific natural monuments. Geotopes that represent geological history show the development of the landscape, the climate and life, the formation and disappear...

  • Stand der kantonalen Geotopinventare

    Geography, Territory and environment

    Die Arbeitsgruppe Geotope (Akademie der Naturwissenschaften SCNAT) zentralisiert alle Geodaten betreffend kantonaler Geotopinventare in einer GIS-Datenbank. Ziel ist es, einen s...

  • UNESCO World cultural heritage

    Culture, media, information society, sport, Geography, Population

    The Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (World Heritage Convention, SR 0.451.41) was signed at the UNESCO General Conference in 1972....

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